NRCB Livestock Population Verification Program for feedlots

Apr 16, 2024

The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) has initiated a program to verify that the livestock population of feedlots permitted by the NRCB are within their allotted numbers.

The Livestock Population Verification Program is a response to evidence provided by complainants indicating that some operators in Lethbridge County may be exceeding the livestock numbers in their permits. Since reviewing that evidence, the NRCB has received more overpopulation of feedlot complaints involving other counties.

As a result, the NRCB is requesting randomly selected feedlot operators to provide information regarding their current livestock numbers. The NRCB is conducting this verification program to ensure confined feeding operations (CFOs) are compliant with their permitted livestock numbers; the program is not part of a grandfathering determination. The program currently focuses on feedlots that have an NRCB permit, as those permits are very clear on the type and number of livestock allowed at an operation.

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