NPPC requests federal intervention to increase pork exports

Jul 24, 2023

Amid one of the worst pork market downturns in recent memory, the National Pork Producers Council is requesting the federal government's help to increase export opportunities. NPPC and the Minnesota Pork Producers Association submitted a joint statement to Congresswoman Michelle Fishbach (R-Minn.) outlining the challenges in the pork industry and requesting assistance.
"Trade is vital to America's pork producers, who annually export about a quarter of their total production to more than 100 countries," the groups said. "[P]olicies that foster the free flow of goods and expand export markets – mostly through trade agreements – are critical to the continued success of America's pork producers, U.S. agriculture and the overall American economy. … To benefit America's farmers and grow U.S. exports, such trade deals must address market access and must eliminate tariffs on and non-tariff trade barriers to U.S. pork and other U.S. agricultural products."

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