New Legislation Could Protect Livestock Producers, Tackle Rising Costs

Dec 04, 2023

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley introduced the Protecting Interstate Commerce for Livestock Producers Act to protect farmers from costly regulations – made in other states – that will hurt their business and drive-up costs for consumers.

“Missouri’s livestock producers keep food on the table across America and they shouldn’t be burdened by costly laws – made by other states – that disrupt interstate commerce, drive-up costs, and impose crippling regulations,” Sen. Hawley said in a release. “This law is a commonsense solution to protect family farms from going bankrupt and consumers from shouldering higher costs at the grocery store.”

California voters passed Proposition 12 that bans the sale of pork, eggs and calves for veal that were not produced with certain space requirements. It is estimated that California accounts for 13% of all pork consumption in the U.S., Hawley's office said in a release. Hawley doesn't believe that farmers across the country should have to comply with California’s preferred requirements to access the California market.

To ensure that no state can mandate animal welfare standards in another state, Sen. Hawley’s Protecting Interstate Commerce for Livestock Producers Act does the following:

  • Preempts states and local governments from regulating the raising, production, and importation of livestock or livestock-derived goods from another state or local government
  • Allows states to regulate the importation of livestock in the event of animal disease
  • Protects farmers from states implementing laws that are preempted by this bill.
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