New CPC Chair Outlines Key Issues

Jan 31, 2023
By Bruce Cochrane

The new Chair of the Canadian Pork Council says priorities moving forward include strengthening the economic sustainability of the sector, addressing animal disease and developing programs to help producers deal with expected and unexpected challenges.

As part of a Board of Directors Meeting held in Banff earlier this month, the Canadian Pork Council elected a new executive.

Rene Roy, the newly elected Chair of the CPC, suggests coordination and communication will be key.

Audio Clip- Rene Roy-Canadian Pork Council:
One major work that we have to do is to make sure that we build an economic sector that is viable both on the revenue and the cost of production side.
Our producers are often challenged, not only on their cost of production but sometimes also on the revenue side, the price of their pork.
We want to make sure that we provide all the tools that our provincial members, all of the pork organizations in Canada, we provide these good tools and solutions that are accessible to our organization so that producers are equipped to better face unexpected situations or sometimes also expected situations such as slowdowns in production or trade disruptions.
Of course, there are other files that the CPC is working on, such as the health of our herd.

We had PED and PRRS that were and are still challenges for our industry.
We have the threat of ASF.

These diseases must be kept away and controlled when they are inside.
We also have the quality assurance programs that we have to work on and market access and government programs are certainly other files that we are involved and active on.

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