Nebraska Pork Producers Hosts Webinar

Jul 05, 2017

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The Nebraska Pork Producers Association is continuing their monthly webinar by hosting a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, July 11th, beginning at noon on the causes and effects of heat stress in pigs. Pigs are much more sensitive to heat than other animals so with the hot days of summer upon us special attention must be taken to watch our pigs for signs of heat stress.

Swine specialists will discuss at what temperature (as well as humidity) contributes to heat stress, the signs of heat stress, consequences of heat stress on the performance of pigs and recommended management tools to reduce heat stress.

Registration for the webinar can be accessed by visiting Participants are encouraged to register for the webinar, several days in advance and will receive an email with the direct link for the webinar.

Nebraska Pork Producers Association will be hosting a webinar on the second Tuesday of every month from noon to one o’clock. The August 15th webinar will cover trade and regulations from the National Pork Producers Council. For additional information on webinar topics and speakers go to