Nebraska hosts Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Soybean Conference Aug. 10-13

Nebraska hosts Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Soybean Conference Aug. 10-13
Mar 24, 2023

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By Lana Koepke Johnson

Soy2023, the 19th in-person Biennial Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Soybean Conference, is set for Aug. 10-13 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.

The inaugural biennial conference on the Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Soybean was held 36 years ago – Soy1986 – at Iowa State University, with USDA-ARS soybean geneticist, Randy Shoemaker, serving as the host.

The conference brings together a diversity of STEM professionals and learners to exchange ideas, research outcomes and challenges in improving our understanding of the soybean through multipronged experimental studies with Glycine max and complementary organisms, that span the scale from the single cell to the fields. The goal is to collectively advance our knowledge of this wonderful legume feedstock that is globally valued for its quality oil and protein.

The program includes a stellar line up of plenary speakers, along with planned series of oral sessions that cover the breadth of ongoing research areas being studied with this wonderful legume.

Plenary speakers include Julia Bailey-Serres, Ganesh Kishore and María Eugenia.

Bailey-Serres is a distinguished professor of genetics and MacArthur Foundation chair at the University of California, Riverside. She studies mechanisms that safeguard yields of rice and other crops in unpredictable environments. As director of UC Riverside’s Center for Plant Cell Biology and the Plants3D NSF-NRT program, she cultivates undergraduate research experiences and graduate student entrepreneurship.

Kishore is a co-founder and co-managing partner at Spruce Capital Partners and MLS Capital Fund II. He has a distinguished track record of accomplishments in biotechnology research, development and business. While at Monsanto Company, he made major contributions to the discovery and development of Roundup Ready® technology and a manufacturing process for the biochemical synthesis of the nonnutritive sweetener, aspartame.

Zanetti is a professor of molecular biology and biotechnology at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her main interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the root nodule symbiosis established between legume plants and nitrogen fixing rhizobium bacteria.

Nebraska’s conference organizing committee includes: Katarzyna Glowacka, assistant professor of biochemistry; Marc Libault, associate professor of agronomy and horticulture; and Toshihiro Obata, associate professor of biochemistry.

“We hope to see you in Lincoln, Nebraska, this summer, and gain an appreciation of our state’s tour book slogan ‘Not-At-All-What-You-Thought,’” said Thomas Clemente, Eugene W. Price Distinguished Professor of Biotechnology.

Additional information and a registration portal can be found at

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