Moose Mountain Ag Day celebrates 20th anniversary; salutes founding member

Mar 31, 2023

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Mark Newman, the chairman and master of ceremonies, welcomed 160 people in attendance to the 20th anniversary of the Moose Mountain Ag Day on March 24.

The event was held at the Arcola Prairie Place Complex, and upon entering booths lined the outside walls of the hall. Each booth consisted of some form of agricultural needs and the chance to win several draws.

As Newman took to the microphone, he cracked a few jokes to the crowd. He then welcomed Cannington MLA Daryl Harrison to the stand.

Harrison said he was pleased to be part of this special event as it had been in the makings for several years and now finally was able to happen.

The event was put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions but now they would celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Lana Shaw, the manager of the research farm by Redvers, was also on hand to speak to the crowd.

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