Mixed Conditions for Dry Bean Crop: The Andersons

Jul 08, 2021

In the West, dry beans continue to face hot, dry conditions. In contrast, Ontario and Michigan have seen adequate moisture with more (maybe too much) in the forecast, according to dry bean update from The Andersons.


The dryness continued in Manitoba, as of July 7. Some scattered showers in the bottom end of the province provided some relief to crops, but not in the principal dry bean area. Temperatures for the past week have hit highs in the low 30sC. A slight reprieve is ahead in the next couple of days, but the weekend will see 30-degree highs again. There is no significant chance of rain in the forecast.


The dry bean crop looks good in Ontario, with timely planting and some decent amounts of moisture. In some areas the plants are now in flower, which is a bit ahead of schedule. Temperatures for the week will be in the 20sC. More rain is expected today and tomorrow and again next week.


Crop conditions remain at just 16% good/excellent for North Dakota, according to the USDA. Only light rain was recorded over the last 7 days. More moisture would be welcome, opined the report. In nearby Minnesota, the USDA dropped the dry bean crop rating by 1% to 47% G/E this week, far below the average for the last 3 years of 78% G/E.


According to the USDA, Michigan crop conditions dropped significantly, from 67% G/E last week to 45% this week due to water damage. Topsoil moisture is rated at 77% adequate and 13% surplus. Much of the dry bean area has received 1 to 2 inches of rain above normal, with some pockets of 4 inches above normal in the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately, there is more rain expected Thursday and early next week.

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