Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade Matt Jones and Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation RJ Sigurdson issued the following statement on GoodLeaf’s new Calgary facility:

May 01, 2024

“Today marks a milestone for GoodLeaf Farms with the grand opening of their innovative $52-million vertical farming facility in Calgary. The facility has helped generate 92 full-time jobs in southern Alberta.

“This investment underscores the importance of Alberta’s business-friendly policies, including the lowest business tax rate in Canada and one of the lowest in North America. This has helped attract world-class companies like GoodLeaf to set up shop and grow right here in our province, bringing with them jobs and opportunities for hard-working Albertans.

“GoodLeaf’s expansion into Alberta is supported by our Investment and Growth Fund, a deal-closing incentive program to attract investment and job growth to the province. In fact, GoodLeaf was the first-ever approved project under the Investment and Growth Fund in November 2021.

“Thanks to the confidence of investors and companies like GoodLeaf, Alberta will remain the economic and job-creation engine of Canada for many years to come.”

- Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade

“It’s an exciting day for Alberta’s agriculture industry and agri-food economy as we welcome the grand opening of GoodLeaf Farms.

“With a stable year-round growing environment, GoodLeaf rapidly grows nutrient-dense microgreens that can be found on grocery store shelves and dinner plates across the province.

“This funding will benefit all Albertans by boosting our province’s economy, creating new jobs, and driving even more growth, diversity and innovation in Alberta’s agriculture industries.

“The company’s vertical farming will expand where, when and how we grow the food we need, providing a sustainable local source for greens in Alberta throughout the year.

“This facility is great news for Alberta’s agri-food sector, proving that this province is leading the way in cutting-edge food and beverage processing.”

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