MASC To Delay Deducting Premiums Owing On Forage Claims

Aug 05, 2021

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Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) will not be deducting premiums owing from any forage claim indemnities paid to clients from now until September 30th.

Normally, premiums would be deducted prior to claim payments being made.

Other changes include:

- making advance payments on forage claims, with plans to finalize forage claims as quickly as possible, and
- allowing livestock grazing on low yield forage fields or after a first cut of forage without counting that grazed production against their forage claim.

Producers may also explore options to put their crops to alternate use.

Currently, oats, barley, triticale, fall rye, and all wheat types can be put to alternate use and used for greenfeed, silage, or grazing, however producers must contact MASC before doing so.

MASC is applying a quality adjustment factor to appraisals on crops that are being put to alternate use under the AgriInsurance program.

Adjustors will use normal appraisal procedures, however appraisals will be reduced by 40 per cent to account for the expected lower quality of grain based on a five-year average.

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