Market Unrest Ripples Through Corn and Soybean Trade

Jul 27, 2023

Corn and soybean trade is walking a tightrope as weather changes and global conflict stir up uncertainty in the market. As per industry insiders Kenan Layden and Jim McCormick from AgMarket.Net, the stakes are high. 

The focus is on the corn yield, which Layden says is highly sensitive to heat stress, especially during pollination. McCormick underscores this concern, revealing that over half of the corn belt suffers from subsoil dryness. These factors put traders on a nervous footing. 

Meanwhile, soybeans show a remarkable ability to recover from stress if conditions improve, according to Layden. But with large areas of soybean ground suffering from dry subsoil, traders could act aggressively if weather conditions don't improve. 

Demand is a hot topic. With impacts from the Ukraine-Russia conflict, demand predictions may be inflated, potentially causing a rise in ending stocks despite yield or price changes. 

The recommendation for farmers is to track the market closely and protect their profitability. For soybeans, there's a chance for a rebound if weather conditions get better. But if not, there may be a rush to buy, causing a price surge. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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