Maple Leaf CEO Stresses Balance In Pork Industry

Apr 20, 2015
The President and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods says he has a great deal of confidence in Manitoba's pork industry.
Michael McCain addressed producers and industry representatives in Winnipeg last week at Manitoba Pork's annual meeting.
McCain talked about bringing balance to the pork industry.
"Balance is about pigs and people and having the right balance in the industry with the right number of pigs born, the right number of pigs marketed, the right number of pigs processed here in the province, in balance from one end of the chain to the other," he said. "Right now we're not in balance. We have neither enough pigs or people to operate the capacity we have in place already today efficiently and we think that needs to be corrected."
McCain adds that doesn't mean he advocates unbridled growth, it just means that we need to have enough supply and enough people to operate the assets that we have on the ground today, efficiently and effectively.
He says that right now their facility in Brandon is short 20,000 hogs per week or a million pigs per year.
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