Manitoba Potato Update

Jul 30, 2021

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Manitoba Agriculture says potato quality is highly variable depending on the region and rainfall amounts.

"In some areas, there's sufficient water for potatoes, that's mostly in the west and they are doing fairly well," said Industry Development Specialist Vikram Bisht. "In places, where we have good irrigation, the heat has affected the plants by producing heat runners and some tubar chaining, but we have seen this happen in other years."

The top 30 cm soil moisture, classified as “dry” or “very dry” has become widespread in Manitoba, including in potato growing areas. Crop water demand for the week in selected sites was significant and ranged from >29 to 42 mm (1.2 to 1.6 inches). Sparse rains did not help much.

Early planted crops are in different stages of tuber formation and bulking, a critical time for supplemental irrigation.

Late blight spores were not detected at any of the sites being monitored. The Late blight risk forecast suggests low to moderate high risk of the disease (2-6) DSVs for 7-days in all of Manitoba sites due scattered rainfall.

High aphid numbers (including Potato Aphid) were trapped in all seed production areas. European corn borer adults trap catches have declined substantially from previous week. More larvae are being reported.

Early blight is showing up in more fields, and susceptible varieties may need fungicide protection if scouting showing high incidence. Stem rot has started showing up in some fields

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