Manitoba Pork Revamps PEDv Web Page

Jun 13, 2014

By Bruce Cochrane

Manitoba Pork has re-vamped its PEDv web page to provide members of the pork production chain specific information pertinent to them about the virus.

To help stakeholders within the pork production chain access the most up to date information possible on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus, Manitoba Pork has updated its PEDv web page.

Mark Fynn, an animal care specialist with Manitoba Pork, explains the page has been set up to deliver information to help producers keep the virus from getting onto their farms, to outline how operations that have been infected have responded and to provide other groups information on what they can do to keep PEDv out of the province.

Mark Fynn-Manitoba Pork:
We've set it up so that it's really categorized into six different categories.

Depending on whether you're a producer or whether you're involved in transportation of pigs, you're a packing plant or a manure hauler or service provider.

It's set up so that you can go into a specific section and it can provide you as much information as possible on preventing PEDv as that particular role in the Manitoba pork industry.
Take service providers for example.

They want to know how they can go and still enter a hog facility and do the job that they were hired to do but at the same time protect those farms when they go in.

So what we've done is we've looked through all of the information that's been available out there and there's been a number of groups that have provided and developed some really great fact sheets on PEDv and biosecurity and how to prevent PEDv from coming into sites.

We've compiled all those pieces of information together, provided a synopsis of each of those fact sheets so that when people are going through the page they can get the bullet points or they can look at the specific fact sheets and get more detailed information about what they can do to prevent virus.

Fynn notes the number of infected farms in Manitoba remains contained to two and those operations are working to return to disease free status.

To access the updated PEDv web page visit

Source: Farmscape

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