Manitoba Pork GM Urges Policymakers To Focus On Trade

Oct 07, 2021

With the federal election behind us, the general manager for Manitoba Pork is hoping that policymakers are focusing on securing international access for Manitoba's products.

"Trade policy is critically important to us," commented Cam Dahl. "Ninety per cent of what Manitoba grows is exported, either by on the foot, or in pork products. Of course those pork products are actually processed here in Manitoba. There's a lot of Manitoba jobs that are dependent on pork and international trade."

Dahl notes Canada needs to use the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the dispute processes in agreements like CETA and CPTPP to actively challenge nonscience-based trade barriers.

"We're really in an uncertain period right now where we're not sure what barriers are going to come next," he said. "Some of the trade agreements we signed really aren't working all that well for us. Fixing that, really does need to be a key priority for politicians in the next Parliament."

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