Manitoba Harvest Makes Better Progress

Oct 04, 2022

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Manitoba producers made better harvest progress this past week, with particularly large gains made in canola. 

The weekly provincial crop report on Tuesday pegged the overall harvest at 63% complete, up from 47% a week earlier but still about three weeks behind the five-year average of 86%. In the previous two weeks combined, the Manitoba harvest advanced by just a combined 15 points amid rain and high humidity levels. 

The canola harvest jumped to 58% complete from 30% a week earlier, the report said, with over 1.9 million acres now combined. Meanwhile, 85% of the spring wheat crop was in the bin, along with 96% of the barley, 82% of the oats, 99% of the peas and 3% of the flax. Soybeans were 11% harvested while the corn harvest is just now getting under way. 

Some wheat crops harvested after recent rains have been downgraded to No. 3 CWRS as a result of mildew and sprouting, while most remain a No. 2 CWRS. Swathing yet-unharvested crops is much more common across the province this year to reduce green straw problems and increase combine speed and efficiency, the report said. 

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