M-COOL to be Discussed During Fall Producer Meetings

Oct 19, 2015

By Bruce Cochrane

Manitoba Pork remains hopeful the issue of Mandatory U.S. Country of Origin Labelling will be resolved in time to avoid the imposition of retaliatory tariffs on imported U.S. products.

Last month Canada and Mexico asked the World Trade Organization for authorization to impose over $3,000,000,000 in annual tariffs on a range of imported U.S. products in retaliation for the hurt Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling has inflicted on Canadian and Mexican hog and cattle producers.

As part of Manitoba Pork's 2015 Fall Producer Meetings, slated for October 27 in Niverville and October 28 in Portage La Prairie, COOL and Trade will be among the topics discussed.
Manitoba Pork general Manager Andrew Dickson notes the U.S. House of Representatives has already passed legislation to repeal provisions of the labelling law that violate U.S. trade obligations and the hope is the U.S. Senate will pass similar legislation.

Andrew Dickson-Manitoba Pork:
Two bills were introduced in early summer the U.S. Senate to try and bring in amending legislation.
We're still waiting to see what's going to happen.

The Senate took a summer break and now they're back at it and we're hoping at some point during their deliberations before Christmas that they will move ahead on this thing and bring in the appropriate amending legislation to get rid of COOL.
To be honest with you, we would prefer that these tariffs not be imposed.
We want the legislation amended.

We're not interested in the imposition of tariffs but, if that's what's required to bring this matter to the attention of the political leaders in the U.S. Senate. then we're supportive of these tariffs but hopefully cooler heads will reign and we'll get this thing resolved.

Dickson stresses the key thing to point out is the United States is not in compliance with its international trade obligations and the U.S. administration has to deal with that reality.

Source: Farmscape

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