Kubota Canada Debuts the new M7-4 Diesel Tractor at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo

Dec 01, 2022

Kubota Canada Debuts the new M7-4 Diesel Tractor at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo 

The next-generation M7 series tractor boasts new features and prioritizes ease-of-use to increase

Productivity on the farm

Pickering, ON – Kubota Canada Ltd. – one of the country’s leading tractor andcompact equipment distributors – unveiled the M7-4 diesel tractor at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo in Red Deer, Alberta, introducing farmers to the latest innovation to come out of Kubota’s popular M7 series.
Featuring significant upgrades from previous models, the M7-4 is intuitive and user-friendly, demonstrating Kubota’s commitment to listening to its operators and their profession.

“The continued expansion and success of our agricultural product line is a testament to the importance of customer feedback in our design process,” said Graham Gleed, Director of Agriculture Products for Kubota Canada. “Productivity is the name of the game on the farm, and that’s why Kubota is proud to
have introduced the M7-4, redesigned to tackle a wide range of jobs from plant to harvest and beyond.”

"Simple and reliable, the M7-4 Diesel Tractor’s durability and array of features – such as the redesigned front loader, front loader joystick and automatic stop and start functions – prioritizes comfort and functionality for farmers, who are always spending long hours in the field,” said Kyle Dabrowski, Product
Manager, Agriculture Products. “Backed with closed centre, load sensing hydraulics and the Kubota Z-bar linkage mechanical self-levelling system for the loader, the M7-4 is easy to operate and brings advanced technological options right to operator’s fingertips.”

Advanced Features

The M7-4 is equipped with a variety of new features to make a farming operation all that more manageable, tailored to the livestock operations and front loader, hay, and small to mid-sized row-crop tasks of Canadian farmers. The M7-4 comes in three models – the M7-134, M7-154 and M7-174 – all of which come in Deluxe, Premium and Premium KVT grade.

The M7-4 Deluxe features a new LM2606 front loader with a new loader joystick, where the operator can keep their hands in place on the steering wheel and have complete control of the tractor during loader work. Lift capacity and easy attach and detach of implements make short work of a variety of material-
handling jobs.

Designed for operator comfort and productivity

Aiming to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue, the M7-4 offers new features such as Xpress Restart, allowing the operator to directly control the main clutch by simply pressing the brake pedals. The tractor can be stopped without using the clutch pedal, helping to ensure maximum convenience and

The KVT model of the M7-4 has an active stop feature that keeps the tractor in place without the need to continuously press the brake pedal or put the transmission in park, reducing fatigue by allowing the operator to use the clutch less often.

Similarly, the parking brake switch ensures operators do not need to engage a hand brake physically and instead simply press the parking brake switch to automatically engage the parking brake. In addition, the M7-4's 3-step Multi Speed Steering Control helps reduce the fatigue that comes with long hours of loader operation by allowing the operator to set the turning width per rotation of the steering wheel.

Guaranteed Warranty and Maintenance

All Kubota M7 models are protected under Kubota’s Orange Plus Program, with a four-year, 4000-hour comprehensive warranty, and a six-year, 4000-hour powertrain warranty. Additionally, all M7 models – excluding the M7-132D – receive free preventive maintenance for four-years or 3500-hours. Local dealers
will service the tractor every 500 hours, at no cost for the parts and labour.

The M6-1 Utility Tractor

In addition to the M7-4 Diesel Tractor, Kubota will also be debuting the upgraded M6-1 Utility Tractor at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo, which is part of the M6 Series. Like the M7-4, the M6-1 has been redesigned to focus on productivity, reliability and operator comfort, and shares many features with the
M7-4, such as a new loader joystick, Xpress restart, stationary PTO, shuttle shift sensitivity, console light and USB ports.

The new M7-4 Diesel Tractor will be available at authorized Kubota dealers by Spring 2023, while the M6-1 Utility Tractor will begin to arrive at dealers in November 2022. 

Source : Kubota.ca
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