Kiabi enhances eco-fashion by Joining US cotton trust protocol

Oct 11, 2023

Kiabi, a pioneering French fashion brand, is taking its sustainability commitment to new heights by joining the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. With its roots dating back to 1978 and a global presence, Kiabi has always been at the forefront of driving sustainability in fashion. 

Under its "2030 Vision," Kiabi has pledged to achieve complete sustainability in its product range by 2025. Already, a significant 72% of its offerings are crafted using sustainable fibers, showcasing its dedication to reducing environmental footprints through decreased energy use, water conservation, and minimized habitat disruption. 

Cotton, a critical raw material for Kiabi, forms 70% of its product base. By leveraging the Trust Protocol's innovative tools, Kiabi will gain unparalleled supply chain transparency and precise data on the cotton's environmental impact. 

What sets the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol apart is its commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability, offering quantifiable and verifiable data across six key environmental metrics. It's also pioneering in offering detailed supply chain transparency at an individual product level. 

Kiabi's Raw Materials Leader, Virginie Cayzeele, highlights the necessity of this partnership in achieving the brand's sustainability targets, particularly in the accurate assessment of carbon emissions and biodiversity impacts. The Trust Protocol’s stringent, data-driven approach provides the assurance Kiabi needs in its environmental conservation endeavors. 

The Trust Protocol's President, Dr. Gary Adams, expresses his enthusiasm in welcoming Kiabi aboard, lauding their dedication to sustainable cotton sourcing. The Trust Protocol's alignment with international sustainability standards and its endorsement by global bodies underscore its pivotal role in transforming cotton production practices. 

This collaboration marks a significant stride for Kiabi in affirming its position as a fashion brand that doesn’t just care about the current trend but also the planet's future. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection