K-State Food Safety Specialist Says Cheese Provides Calcium and Protein

Jun 01, 2023

By Maddy Rohr

For some, cheese day is every day, but since 1914, June 4 is officially known as cheese day in the United States. Kansas State University food scientist Karen Blakeslee said cheese provides eight essential nutrients to help build healthy bones and support the immune system.

“Cheese provides beneficial calcium and protein into a daily eating plan,” Blakeslee said. “There are hundreds of types and flavors to choose from as a snack or to add to a recipe.

Blakeslee said a soft cheese can be made at home.

“A soft cheese can be made from milk and lemon juice. The acid coagulates the milk proteins to form clumps or curds which separate from the whey,” she said.

Cheese comes in a variety of textures from soft to hard, and many flavors, which allows it to be used in different ways.

“To store cheese, keep it wrapped tightly with plastic wrap or in a tightly closed container,”

Blakeslee said. “If unwanted mold appears, remove at least one inch of the cheese (because) mold grows into the food.”

Blakeslee, who is also coordinator of K-State’s Rapid Response Center for Food Science, publishes a monthly newsletter called You Asked It! that provides numerous tips on food safety.

More information is also available from local extension offices in Kansas.

Source : k-state.edu
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