John Deere Expands SmartGrade™ Excavator Lineup With 470G Model

Sep 23, 2021

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MOLINE, IL. — The 470G LC Excavator is the latest model to join the John Deere excavator lineup that includes a full range of grade management solutions.

Newly enhanced with the factory-installed 3D SmartGrade system, the SmartGrade 470G LC delivers increased productivity and accuracy on the job. From digging trench and structural foundations to shaping ditches or slopes, 3D grade control helps to complete a job with precision-excavation. Real-time displays of distance-to-grade reduces time to final grade, helping to finish jobs quickly and accurately the first time. Factory installed and calibrated from the dealer, the 3D grade control system arrives at your jobsite ready to work.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, the 470G LC’s cab has a refined monitor utilizing a turn-and-tap rotary control that puts an abundance of performance and convenience features at the operator’s fingertips. Additional options such a premium high-back, thermal heat and actively cooled three-way adjustable leather seat; a single-pedal hydraulic propel system; a standard multi-language LCD monitor and rotary dial to provide intuitive access to a wealth of information and functions, as well as deluxe LED lights at cab front and rear ensuring the job gets done even if it extends beyond the daylight hours.

“Like the rest of the G-Series lineup, the 470G LC Excavator is productive and efficient from deep trench work to various site development projects,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, John Deere. “Intelligent features like the Powerwise Plus hydraulic-management system deliver on demand hydraulic power when you need it and offer precise pump control. The 470G LC Excavator has everything you could need to push the productivity of your operation. Adding SmartGrade takes precision construction to the next level.”

In addition to SmartGrade technology, the 470G LC model also features various precision technologies including Virtual Front, Over-dig Protect, Virtual Ceiling, Virtual Floor, Virtual Swing and Virtual Wall.

John Deere SmartGrade excavators offer four grade management options for contractors: SmartGrade, SmartGrade-Ready with 2D, 3D Grade Guidance and 2D Grade Guidance. Upgrade kits can be installed onto equipment at later dates to further upgrade the technology as a contractor’s needs change.

Source : John Deere

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