It's Canola Week!

Dec 02, 2020

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Canola Week this year has gone virtual.
Canola Council of Canada President Jim Everson told participants yesterday that market access is a top priority for the industry going forward.
"We're calling on the Federal Government to bolster support for market access activities particularly in Asian markets. We also need to ensure that trade agreements we've signed are implemented as fully as possible and that our regulatory system in Canada is responsive and positive to innovative strategies."
Everson told the group that they continue to move forward on a number of issues from market access to research and innovation.
Right now, they administer more than $12 million in Federal research with the Canola Agri-Science Cluster under CAP.
"When combined with contributions from grower organizations and industry the total investment through this program is more than $20 million over five years.
It's all focused on growing the economic and environmental benefits of Canola by moving us towards an industry strategic goal of 26 million metric tonnes of sustained canola supply and demand by the year 2025."
Participants also got an update on the situation with China, Canola research and fertility. 
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