Increase production profitability through a more efficient nutrient uptake

Apr 11, 2023

Using a nutrient absorption enhancer like Lysoforte Extend can support piglet performance by increasing feed efficiency and the incidence and severity of post-weaning diarrhoea.

The post weaning period for piglets has always been challenging, with variable performance often observed as young piglets adapt to life away from the sow. The rapid change in diet and environment comes at a time when the piglet’s digestive system is still immature and producing far lower levels of gastric enzymes than its adult counterpart. Hence, the ability of piglets to optimally digest nutrients is still insufficient, leading to undigested substrate in the hindgut that causes proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and subsequent diarrhoea.

Stress and poor digestibility
The combination of environmental and physiological stress can be self-perpetuating, with diarrhoea further reducing nutrient absorption and poorer digestibility leading to even more undigested substrate in the hindgut. It is therefore not surprising that performance can be highly variable after weaning, which may increase the number of days required to produce piglets large enough to move on to the grower phase, in addition to the quantity of feed required for it.

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