IDOA Announces Poultry Shows Return for 2023 Fair Season

Sep 29, 2023

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) has announced the return of poultry shows for the 2023 fair season. The influx of highly pathogenic avian influenza cases forced the cancellation of in-person junior and open poultry shows at Illinois county fairs and the Illinois State Fair in 2022, with only virtual poultry shows being held.

"We have seen a decline in highly pathogenic avian influenza cases over the last several months prompting the Department to lift the ban of poultry shows at our fairs," said Dr. Mark Ernst, IDOA State Veterinarian. "We still want to remind our exhibitors to practice good biosecurity on your farm and monitor your flock for signs of disease, especially the birds you plan to exhibit for 14 days prior to the show."

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