Hog numbers in US experience a gentle boost

Oct 02, 2023

There's some positive news from the farm front. The US has recorded a gentle boost in its hog and pig tally. According to the most recent findings by the USDA's NASS, as of September 1, there were about 74.3 million hogs and pigs on US farms. Interestingly, this number is a notch above last September's count and a 2% hike from June 2023. 

Let's dive deeper. Of this total, 68.2 million are market-ready hogs and the rest, a solid 6.08 million, are breeding stock. Between June and August 2023, US farms welcomed a 34.2 million piglets, averaging 11.61 pigs in each litter. 

Our hog producers are on the ball, 2.93 million sows are expected to fall from September to November and another 2.91 million between December and February 2024. 

Which state boasts the most hogs? Iowa proudly tops the list with 24.4 million, trailed by Minnesota and North Carolina. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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