Hay Market Demand And Price Report For The Upper Midwest As Of December 21,2015

Dec 22, 2015

Demand and Sales Activity

The all grade hay price is dropped about $20.00 per ton compared to the previous report . There is a wide range of prices for all qualities of hay along with numerous comments of light demand with an adequate hay supply. Weather conditions in Midwest are hindering hay movement and providing strong demand for bedding.

For Nebraska , prices were fully steady to stronger for all forms of hay this week . Demand has improved as weather conditions are limiting pasture and feedlots are demanding hay .

For Iowa , limited buying is dragging the hay market down, wea ther conditions has provided a strong demand for straw.

In South Dakota , alfalfa prices are steady to weak with a light to moderate demand . Mud is the main reason as it is difficult to get hay from the field to the feed yards. There is good demand for bedding at auctions.

For Missouri, hay movement and demand is quite slow, although some have mentioned an uptick in inquiries for hay, but appears to be window shopping. Weather and mud is the theme as in most markets. Warm winter weather has made it difficult to move product and cattle are requiring more bedding. There is a heavy supply of hay with light demand and steady prices.

In Southwest Minnesota, sales of only lower quality hay this week , no prime quality hay off ered at auction this week . Very little alfalfa offered this week, good supply of bedding.

For Illinois, from the Hamilton market, demand was good for light offerings, prices trended a little higher for small packaged alfalfa hay, while larger package hay price was steady to weak.

In Wisconsin , l ower quality hay is plentiful in the Wisconsin; overall hay prices are steady to weak compared to the last report. At local markets there is a demand for small lots of hay, but most are not quality t est ed . The Midwest straw prices w ere stronger compared to the last report . Market price for s mall square bale averaged $ 3 . 2 0 a bale (range of $ 1 . 0 0 to $6.00) . L arge square bale straw price was up about $ 3 .00 per bale , with an average price of $ 3 8 . 0 0 per bale (range of $ 24 . 00 to $ 5 1 .00); and large round bale straw price increase d $ 4 .00 per bale , av erage price was $ 3 8 .00 per bale ( range of $ 24 .00 - $ 5 1 .00 per bale ) . With the holiday season upon us, t he next Hay Market Demand and Price Report f or the Upper Midwest will be posted on January 11, 2016, wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year


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