GROW Program Now Accepting Letters Of Intent

Jan 13, 2020

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The first call for Letters of Intent for project proposals under Manitoba’s new Growing Outcomes in Watersheds (GROW) Program is now open.
“Through GROW, and the establishment of these two Trusts, we have a new program and funding that will sustainably manage Manitoba’s watersheds,” said Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blane Pedersen. “This is the beginning of a long-lasting partnership between the province, the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation and, most importantly, Manitoba farmers and other landowners.”
In addition to income from the $102 million Conservation Trust, GROW projects will also be supported through the $52.0 million GROW Trust that was announced in June 2019. GROW Trust funds will compensate farmers when agricultural lands are committed to conservation purposes.
“The goal is to improve watershed resilience to the impacts of a changing climate,“ said Pedersen. “These trusts implement our government’s commitments in our Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan while enhancing sustainable production for Manitoba farmers.”
GROW will be delivered by Manitoba’s Watershed Districts and will provide incentives for landowners to adopt practices that reduce flooding, improve water quality and make the agricultural landscape more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Incentives will support activities such as wetland conservation and restoration, small water retention structures, riparian area enhancement, conservation buffer strips and perennial cover plantings and other conservation projects that are watershed management plan priorities.
“The two Trusts and the overall GROW framework bring a new dimension to conservation programs in rural Manitoba,” said Tim Sopuck, chief executive officer of the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation. “The new program and the funding approach will deliver important environmental results to Manitobans for generations to come.”
Groups that are eligible to deliver GROW may apply for up to $500,000 in funding. Other groups may consider applying to the Conservation Trust under criteria established in the Watersheds category, where the maximum funding available is $250,000.
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