Green futures - Enroll now in U.S. Cotton's trust protocol & climate program

Jan 10, 2024

In a significant move for sustainable agriculture, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and Climate Smart Cotton Program have opened their enrollment windows, heralding a new era for cotton farming. This initiative represents an unparalleled opportunity for growers to enhance both their environmental stewardship and operational profitability. 

This year's enrollment period, which spans from January 4 to April 30, allows growers to align their practices with the peak marketing dates of cotton. Completing enrollment not only enables participation in these groundbreaking programs but also ensures alignment with the increasing global demand for sustainably sourced cotton. 

The Trust Protocol, a voluntary, science-based program, offers growers a platform to measure and improve upon key sustainability metrics such as soil carbon, water management, and energy efficiency. Its dual focus on environmental impact and supply chain transparency has already attracted over 2,000 supply chain members and major brands. 

Daren Abney, the Executive Director, emphasizes the program's dual benefits: aiding growers in resource management and connecting sustainably grown cotton with global supply chains. The Climate Smart Cotton Program further bolsters these efforts by offering technical and financial support for adopting climate-smart agricultural practices. 

An important aspect of the Climate Smart Cotton Program is its inclusive approach, reserving spaces for farmers from underserved communities. This commitment to diversity and inclusion reinforces the program's overarching goal of sustainable and equitable growth in the cotton industry. 

The program's multi-stakeholder governance, including representatives from various industry sectors and sustainability experts, ensures a comprehensive and balanced approach to decision-making. 

future but also position themselves at the forefront of an evolving industry, ready to meet the demands of an eco-conscious market.

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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