Grape Growers Rejoice, the Great Lakes Expo Grape Section is Here!

Nov 24, 2023

By Esmaeil Nasrollahiazar

Attention grape growers, enthusiasts and industry experts! Get ready for a transformative experience at the Great Lakes Expo grape section, a premier event designed to enrich your grape cultivation journey with the latest knowledge, cutting-edge technologies and best practices. Join Michigan State University Extension on Dec. 5, 2023, at the esteemed DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a day of unparalleled insights.

Dive into a world of grape expertise

Embark on a journey guided by our esteemed speakers, offering a comprehensive agenda that spans the spectrum of grape cultivation. Delve into the wisdom of:

  • Rufus Isaacs, Michigan State University (MSU): Explore strategies to safeguard your berry crops against insect pests, from bloom to harvest.
  • Cain Hickey, Penn State University: Gain insights into frost protection techniques, equipping you with knowledge to shield your vineyards from the perils of frost.
  • Brook Wilke, Kellogg Biological Station: Join a trailblazer in regenerative agriculture exploring the integration of biochar to enhance soil health and promote sustainability in grape cultivation.
  • Paolo Sabbatini, MSU: Unravel the mysteries of canopy architecture and fruit microclimate, focusing on flavonoid accumulation and antioxidant capacity in Merlot grapes.
  • Tefera Mekuria, Wonderful Nurseries: Journey towards enhanced grapevine seedling standards with a renowned plant pathologist sharing strategies for disease-free and genetically true-to-type grapevines.
  • Timothy Miles, MSU: Explore disease management strategies and optimize vineyard health under the guidance of an extension specialist.

An event not to be missed

While the knowledge shared is priceless, attendance at the Great Lakes Expo grape section requires registration. Secure your spot today by visiting our registration website.

As an added incentive, we are thrilled to offer restricted use pesticide credits for this meeting. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only gain knowledge but also earn credits vital for your professional growth.

Both wine and juice growers are warmly welcomed to attend. Whether you're an experienced grape cultivator or just starting out, the Great Lakes Expo grape section is an invaluable resource for elevating your grape cultivation practices. Together, let's cultivate a future of thriving grapevines and exceptional winemaking.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a transformative event that celebrates the art and science of grape cultivation. See you there!

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