Fun Fact Friday week four, goats are herd animals and like a crowd

May 26, 2023

Goats are fascinating animals. They are social animals that have evolved a social hierarchy as a matter of survival. If goats are allowed to run together, the “Top Buck” tops the pecking order and is responsible for herd protection.  He is last man out, always on alert and will always flank the herd when foraging. Next in the pecking order is the doe that is the “Flock Queen”. She will lead the herd to the best foraging grounds. 

If the Flock Queen comes across a poisonous plant, she will sniff it carefully taking in the scent, snort and make objectionable sounds. Each member of the herd will mimic her and get the scent. Finally, the Top Buck will also smell and then stomp on the offensive plant fiercely.  

With this kind of social structure that reinforces health and wellness of the herd, it is easy to understand that a goat without a herd is an unhealthy situation.  

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Source : Small Farm Canada
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