Former Sask. Stockyards Company fined $250K for fatal workplace incident

May 21, 2024

Spiritwood Stockyards has been fined a total of $325,000 for two workplace related incidents, including one that resulted in a man’s death.

The case was heard on Tuesday at Spiritwood Provincial Court. A guilty plea was entered to sect. 7.- 6(1) which states that if there is a risk of injury to the head of a worker, an employer or contractor shall provide approved industrial protective headwear and require a worker to use it.

For this offence, which resulted in serious injury to the worker, the company was fined $75,000.

With respect to the more serious of the two offences, the one that involved a worker’s death, a guilty plea was entered to sect. 9-2 (2). This requires the employer or contractor to ensure that workers use a fall protection system at a temporary or permanent work area if a worker may fall three metres or more; or there is a possibility of injury if a worker falls less than three metres. For this offence, the company was fined $250,000.

Dean Horn, 47, passed away on Jan. 26, 2022. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters.

According to his obituary, Horn grew up near Mildred, and attended Lakeland College in Vermillion to study Livestock Production.

In addition to being a huge member in the cattle industry family and within different stockyards around the province, Horn was also an active member of 4H as a leader, judge and mentor. He also loved sports with softball and slow pitch being his favourite to play.

“No matter what Dean was involved in he gave it his all. He made everyone laugh until they cried and cared for everyone he met,” the family wrote.

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