Feed Shortage Leads To Early Fall Calf Run

Sep 12, 2018

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The manager of Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart says the fall calf run has begun for another year.
Harold Unrau says they saw about 600 head on Tuesday with another 1,000 or so booked for next week.
He notes the timing this year is about a month earlier than normal because of the feed shortage, which was caused by the lack of rain this summer.
Unrau says, as a result, weights have been lower than normal.
"Probably 75 to 125 pounds lighter than normal, and that's just because of producers selling earlier than they normally do."
Unrau adds ranchers in his area are only getting about 20 per cent of their normal hay crop, which has led to many dispersing more of their herd this year.
Source : Steinbachonline