Federal election 2019: Candidate Profiles

Oct 07, 2019

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The next Canadian federal election will take place on Monday, October 21, 2019. With each election cycle comes the possibility of new representatives.
Taken together, all strictly urban constituencies in Calgary and Edmonton (excluding Edmonton-Wetaskiwin) comprise 17 of the province’s 34 federal constituencies. Some constituencies overlap sizeable urban areas but are large enough to be considered “rural” for the sake of analysis.
Our producers live in all predominately rural constituencies found in this province. Alberta Pork previously covered some features of our producers’ constituencies. Because our producers are so widespread, no constituencies represent a clear majority of our producers, but below are some insights related to the candidates who will end up representing 683 of our 786 total registered Alberta pork producers.
Battle River-Crowfoot (123 producers)
Kevin Sorenson is the current Conservative MP for Battle River-Crowfoot. He will not be seeking re-election in 2019.
The Conservative candidate is Damien Kurek, who resides in Camrose and comes from a Consort-area farming family of five generations. Damien holds a Bachelor of Arts in political studies and communications and a Diploma in Biblical Studies, and he has experience working in oil and gas, along with a long history of political involvement.
The Green candidate is Geordie Nelson. Geordie holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus in Camrose, where he now works. He is originally from Ottawa but grew up in Wainwright and believes Canada should balance a strong economy with a healthy climate.
The Liberal candidate is Dianne Clarke. She holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta and works as a business analyst for Alberta Education.
The New Democrat candidate is Natasha Fryzuk. She holds of a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta and is a communications coordinator for an arts society in Edmonton.
The People’s Party candidate is David Michaud. David resides in Beaver County and is originally from Ontario. He spent more than two decades in the Canadian Forces and feels strongly about getting Alberta resources to market.
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