FDA seeks voluntary withdrawal of a combination medicated swine feed

Jul 03, 2023

The Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine is announcing the voluntary withdrawal of the combination medicated feed containing Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) and Lincomix (lincomycin), under the New Animal Drug Application 140-954, for use in swine. The sponsor requested that CVM withdraw the application. This combination is used for removal of certain internal parasites and for the treatment and control of swine dysentery, and for reduction in the severity of swine mycoplasmal pneumonia.

Because lincomycin is a veterinary feed directive drug, any use of lincomycin, alone or in a combination, requires a VFD order from a veterinarian. Because this application has been withdrawn, mixing these two drugs in combination is no longer permitted, and VFD orders authorizing their use in combination may no longer be issued. 

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