Farmers share how they use regenerative agriculture to address the climate and food crisis

Jan 30, 2024

An ever-growing number of Canadian farmers and ranchers are implementing regenerative practices on their farms that allow them to create resiliency in their operations while restoring the health of our lands. Yet, many Canadians still don't know how regenerative agriculture contributes to Canada's efforts to mitigate climate change while restoring biodiversity, improving farmers' livelihood and enhancing the nutritional quality of the foods they produce.

A new national campaign, Stories of Regeneration, aims to bridge the knowledge gap and foster relations between producers and consumers by showing how regenerative principles are being incorporated into diverse farming models within varying regional, economic, and social contexts.

Created by Regeneration Canada, the first national non-profit to promote regenerative agriculture and soil health, the campaign evolved from a series of farm-to-table events held this past summer into what has now become a collection of films, podcast conversations, articles, and webinars that shine a light on the many benefits derived from farming in a way that is good for the people and the planet. 

The Regeneration Canada team, with support from Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada through the AgriCommunication Program, is now proudly launching these stories featuring ten farmers from eight provinces, each representing operations with diverse production systems.

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