Farmers’ Markets Easier to Find

Jul 20, 2021

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Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market App now available for download.

The process of finding a farmers’ market in the province is made easy through Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s mobile app and website – The site and app have all the pertinent information on where approved farmers’ markets are located, when they operate, and their contact information.

‘Almost 80% of Alberta households shop in this market channel with customers spending about $70 per visit,’ says Eileen Kotowich, farmers’ market specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. ‘More than 80% of this is spent on local food.’

Kotowich adds that with a minimum of 80% of vendors making, baking or growing the products they are selling, Alberta approved farmers’ markets are a great way for small entrepreneurs to test their products, ideas and learn valuable business skills.

Currently, Alberta has more than 150 Alberta approved farmers’ markets serving over 100 communities.

Source : alberta

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