Farmers Are Evaluating Crop Conditions After Last Week's Frost

May 25, 2021

A number of areas across the prairies experienced some frosty temperatures last week. 

Frost is always a concern, especially in the Spring with crops just starting to emerge.

Autumn Barnes, an Agronomy Specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, says producers will want to be out evaluating the damage.

She says its important producers don't rush out and make decisions on reseeding too soon.

"With a light frost in zero to minus two degrees Celsius, the risk is pretty low for damage to canola, but at minus three to minus four, that's when you might start seeing some more significant injury. Especially if the temperature stayed at a low level, you know, at that minus three or minus four for a few hours."

She notes another concern is that we were coming out of some really warm weather high 20s to 30s, and then we saw the temperature drop significantly which could also mean shock might be a problem.

Matt Struthers, a Crops Extension Specialist says it doesn't matter what crop your talking about, it's always important to give it a few days to recover after a frost. 

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