Farmerhood: A ray of hope for Ukrainian farmers

Jul 14, 2023

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on the farming community, with consequences often hidden from public view. Bomb craters and destroyed infrastructure now mark the fields, leaving farmers struggling to survive amidst the destruction. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that Ukrainian farmers have suffered losses of $3.9 billion since the Russian invasion began in February 2022. Agricultural enterprises have experienced a nine-percent decrease in cultivated areas, and 12% of these enterprises report potential land contamination from unexploded ordnances.  

In response to the crisis, Farmerhood, a fundraising initiative launched by EarthDaily Agro, aims to provide assistance to Ukrainian farmers affected by the war. The fundraising goal of $1 million will support 200 farmers by providing supplies and equipment locally. 

With corporate sponsors from Minnesota aiding their efforts, Farmerhood has already raised approximately $300,000. Each farmer is expected to receive around $10,000 worth of essential resources. 

Farmerhood has received 300 requests for assistance from Ukrainian farmers and is carefully vetting each applicant to ensure they have genuinely been impacted by the war.  Eligible farmers must operate relatively small operations of 1,200 acres or less, demonstrate their current farm's activity and financial standing, and reside in regions affected by occupation or within a 50-kilometer proximity to the conflict zone.  

The coordination of funding and distribution of supplies falls under the responsibility of Kateryna Konashchuk, a project manager for Farmerhood. Her personal connection to the conflict, with her husband serving in the Ukrainian artillery and her daughter still residing in the country, drives her dedication to helping those most affected.  

Konashchuk acknowledges the strong unity displayed by the farming community and expresses gratitude for the support received from Minnesota and the Twin Cities. 

As Farmerhood continues its mission, the initiative showcases the power of collective efforts and the resilience of farmers in the face of adversity. Through their support, they aim to provide relief to those who have suffered the most and highlight the strength of community spirit in overcoming challenges. 

Source : minnesotaagconnection
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