Expanding horizons - USDA's trade drive in India's Agri-market

Jan 09, 2024

The USDA's proactive approach in expanding U.S. agricultural exports is taking a significant leap with Under Secretary Alexis Taylor's upcoming trade mission to New Delhi, India. From April 22-25, 2024, this mission not only symbolizes a new era in U.S.-India trade but also highlights the untapped potential in India's burgeoning market. 

Targeting India's 1.4 billion consumers, this mission comes on the heels of notable tariff reductions on American agricultural products. These reductions create a more conducive environment for U.S. exports like lentils, almonds, and frozen turkey, among others, thereby providing U.S. farmers with unprecedented access to one of the world's largest markets. 

The delegation, comprising U.S. exporters, will explore trade prospects in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. It includes a series of business-to-business meetings and market briefings by FAS staff and trade experts. The program is designed to offer in-depth insights into the regional market dynamics and consumer trends. 

This trade mission is critical in reinforcing U.S. presence in a region where agricultural and related product exports are already making a mark, with figures surpassing $2.5 billion. India's rapidly growing economy and its modern retail sector present unique opportunities for a wide range of U.S. exports, from forest products to dairy, and seafood to pulses. 

For school students, this mission is an excellent example of how international trade works in the realm of agriculture. It underscores the importance of diplomatic engagements and market research in exporting goods globally. The USDA's initiative serves as an inspiring example for the next generation of farmers and exporters, illustrating the vast possibilities in international agriculture trade and the importance of adapting to global market trends. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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