Early Soybean Yields Better Than Expected In Some Regions

Sep 22, 2021

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Manitoba Agriculture says soybean harvest is about 13 per cent complete across Manitoba.

Dennis Lange is the province's pulse specialist.

"The early reports in the southern part, Altona, Letellier, Emerson, I'm hearing some very respectable numbers," he commented. "There's a lot of surprises. I'm hearing some 30 to 35 bushel yields, even some 40's. I've also heard in some of the really dry regions, in the Brunkild area, where the yields are in that 15 bushel per acre range...way too dry."

Lange notes Manitoba's dry bean harvest is about 30 per cent complete in the central region.

"Yields are kind of all over the board. I think a lot of it is going to be in that 1,000 to 1,300 lb/acre range with some numbers being below 1,000. I've even heard some reports of some good yields above 1,600 lb, in that 1,800 lb range. Very dependent upon rainfall at the correct time."

He says they are also seeing, in some of the drier areas, some plants that have started to regrow. Lange's initial thought is that the plants may have shut down during the dry period and have now come back to life with the recent rain.

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