DuBreton Is Canada’s Leader in Certified Humane Pork

Apr 28, 2016

DuBreton News Release         www.dubreton.com

DuBreton, Canada and North America’s #1 producer of Certified Humane® and organic pork, is proud to announce it has already raised 42,457 crate-free pigs as a part of its commitment to raising 300,000 more crate-free pigs by 2018.

This commitment is helping to meet the growing consumer demand for Certified Humane® and organic pork. This is one of the biggest humane farming initiatives ever made, and represents an investment of $30 million dollars.

DuBreton is a family-run Canadian business and sources the best, ethically-produced, Certified Humane® pork from independent family farms in Ontario and Quebec.

All of duBreton’s products in its Rustic Farm Pork (blue label) and Organic (green label) are preservative-free and from pigs that are raised without antibiotics in a crate-free environment and fed a high-quality vegetarian diet.

The pigs have free access to shelter and hay or straw bedded resting areas as well as the space and ability to engage in natural behaviours. Every aspect of production and processing adheres to the strictest organic and humane certifications.

“Demand for organic and natural products is rapidly increasing across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia,” says Vincent Breton, president, duBreton. “DuBreton is proud to invest in raising crate-free pigs to ensure we can meet the higher demand for ethically-produced pork that is raised locally in Canada.”

About duBreton: A Family Business, A Tradition of Quality

The year 1944 marked the beginning of a new company built by a passionate young farming couple named Napoleon and Adrienne Breton. Over time and through acquisitions and development of other companies, the Breton Tradition 1944 became one of the jewels of Quebec agri-food production, particularly in the pork sector. Now a world leading pork specialist with farming in both Quebec and Ontario, duBreton’s® goal is to satisfy the tastes of the best chefs, restaurants and homes throughout Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.

DuBreton® offers a complete range of the highest quality pork products from pigs raised and processed to the highest standards of quality and animal care. DuBreton’s Organic and Rustic Farm Pork lines have an increased focus on humane farming techniques and respect the animals’ natural development and environment.




Source: Duberton

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