Dry conditions limit herbicide power

Jun 01, 2023

After a rapid planting season, farmers were happy to get an early start on spraying. Rains helped early applications, but other farmers were not so lucky.

Eric Wilson, agronomy manager with Wyffels Hybrids, said there were many farmers with lots of replant to do after hail came through central Iowa in early May. But with a dry forecast for early June, it may be more difficult to get those activating rains for herbicide.

“It’s been a tale of two worlds,” he said. “Some places just got absolutely pounded with rains, but we’ve been dry too. The question of ‘if we got activation’ is a tough one to answer broadly.”

In a year when speed has been the theme to planting, supply hasn’t been much of a problem for farmers, whether it’s herbicide or post-plant fertilizer.

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