Dr. Tom Petznick the 2023 Allen D. Leman Science in Practice Award Winner

May 29, 2023

Dr. Tom Petznick, a swine veterinarian based in Omaha, NE will receive the 2023 Science in Practice award at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference in September. For over 25 years Petznick has successfully met client needs through a balance of science-based and practical approaches to livestock health. His tireless efforts led to recognition of the widespread and largely unknown role of sapovirus in pig production systems. Also, his expertise in managing purebred sows has made him an in-demand consulting swine veterinarian.

Petznick is respected as a thought leader in porcine sapovirus (PSaV), a calicivirus that has been detected in pigs with and without diarrhea. A PSaV infection is difficult to differentiate from other enteric diseases based on clinical signs alone. PSaV has been found as the sole pathogen involved in diarrhea cases, but more commonly is found in coinfection scenarios.

The scarcity of epidemiological understanding of PSaV motivated Petznick to partner with state diagnostic laboratories to identify PSaV as the causative agent in numerous cases. He also worked with prescription vaccine platforms to develop novel vaccine strategies for his affected clients.

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