Do More Agriculture Foundation releases 2022 Impact Report.

Mar 24, 2023

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2022 had its fair share of challenges for farmers and ranchers across the country.

From fuel and fertilizer prices to trade disputes, Avian Influenza and severe weather events like Hurricane Fiona.

Do more Agriculture's report points out that all of these challenges highlight the importance of continuing to prioritize the mental health and wellness of people within the agriculture industry.

In 2022, they held 24 sessions focusing on Mental Health First Aid Training and their Talk Ask Listen workshop. These sessions teach individuals signs and symptoms of mental illness, how to support, and self-care on the farm. 

With the support of Farm Credit Canada, they announced the evolution of the Community Fund to include new course options, national virtual workshops as well as AgCulture training for mental health professionals in 2023. Communities responded with an increase of more than 80% in applications for the 2023 programming!

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