Crop Report For The Period May 11 To May 17, 2021

May 20, 2021

Producers made tremendous progress last week with 74 per cent of the 2021 crop now seeded, well ahead of the five-year average of 48 per cent (2016-2020) for this time of year.  Minimal rain and fair weather across the province has allowed producers to seed without any prolonged delays.

Eighty-two per cent of the crop has been seeded in the southwest region.  Seventy-nine per cent has been seeded in the southeast, 77 per cent seeded in both the west-central and northwest regions and 63 per cent seeded in the east-central and northeast regions.

Ninety-three per cent of field peas, 93 per cent of lentils, 83 per cent of durum, 83 per cent of chickpeas, 80 per cent of spring wheat, 78 per cent of canola and 75 per cent of barley have been seeded to date.

There was scattered rainfall throughout most regions in the province this week.  The Tisdale area received the highest amount at 25 mm thanks to a thunderstorm.  The Christopher Lake area received 13 mm and the Pelly area received 10 mm.  The rain is welcomed but more is needed to address the current extremely dry conditions throughout the province.

Limited precipitation and warm windy conditions throughout the province have further reduced topsoil moisture conditions.  Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as zero per cent surplus, 20 per cent adequate, 48 per cent short and 32 per cent very short.  Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as zero per cent surplus, 13 per cent adequate, 36 per cent short and 50 per cent very short.

Some farmers have halted seeding canola while they wait for rain in the forecast.  Others have opted to seed wheat or other cereals instead.  Very little spraying is happening in the province due to low weed emergence and strong winds making for poor spraying conditions.  For many parts of the province where precipitation has been very low, crop germination has been poor and patchy.

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Source : saskatchewan
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