Crop protection and pest management grants - Apply now

Nov 28, 2023

Calling all individuals and organizations interested in pest management and food security: the Crop Protection and Pest Management (CPPM) program has opened doors to funding opportunities. CPPM is dedicated to addressing crucial issues related to pests and their control through integrated pest management (IPM) approaches at various levels, from local to national. 

What sets CPPM apart is its commitment to supporting projects that are economically viable, environmentally responsible, and safe for human health. The program places significant importance on ensuring food security while effectively tackling societal pest management challenges using comprehensive IPM strategies. 

Economic viability is a key criterion for CPPM-funded projects, ensuring that proposed initiatives are not only effective but also economically sustainable. Moreover, ecological prudence is a top priority to safeguard the environment and promote sustainable pest control practices. CPPM also emphasizes human health and safety, making it a well-rounded funding option for pest management endeavors. 

CPPM doesn't stop at addressing existing pest concerns; it also encourages projects to explore new and emerging technologies to enhance pest management efforts. By staying at the forefront of innovation, CPPM-funded initiatives remain effective and adaptable in a changing landscape. 

For those interested in CPPM funding, the application deadline is February 15, 2024. Detailed information, including eligibility criteria and application procedures, can be found in the CPPM funding announcement. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection