Corn stalks - your soil's best friend

Aug 23, 2023

Corn. It's not just for eating. After farmers harvest corn, they leave behind stalks. Some might see it as trash, but these stalks are hidden treasure! 

Farmers usually mix these stalks into the soil. But it's the tiny creatures called microbes that break them down. 

Here's why corn stalks are awesome: 

  • Soil Saver: These stalks protect the ground. They stop too much sun, wind, or rain from hurting the soil and stop naughty weeds from growing. 

  • Plant Food: When corn stalks break down, they feed other plants. These plants, known as cover crops, then make the soil even richer. 

  • Treat for Cows: Did you know cows can eat corn stalks? It's like giving them a special treat. And their waste makes the soil healthier. These stalks can also be beds for animals. But too much can take away good stuff from the soil. 

  • Tiny Helper Food: The small soil helpers, called microbes, love corn stalks. Sometimes they're a bit lazy. To get them working, farmers use something special called PhycoTerra®. 

These small helpers eat the corn stalks and make the soil super healthy. This way, farmers save money. They don't need to use big machines or buy other things. The soil becomes perfect for growing new crops. 

This method can save farmers up to $41 for an area as big as a football field! 

Changing old ways can be a bit scary for farmers. But they can try this in a small part of their farm and see the magic. And if they're not sure, they can always ask experts for advice. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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