Corn Leaf Striping

Jun 09, 2015
By Peter Thomison, Steve Culman
I’ve received reports of corn plants exhibiting varying degrees of leaf striping (interveinal chlorosis) across the state. There are several nutrient deficiencies (including sulfur, zinc, magnesium, and manganese) that result in leaf striping and some of these look similar. The severity of the striping may vary considerably within a field and may be associated with differences in soil pH, organic matter, compaction, tillage, temperature and moisture. Bright yellow to white interveinal striping running the length of leaves may be the result of “genetic stripe”, but it’s usually limited to scattered plants within a field.
Corn Leaf Striping
Striped corn present in Wayne Co., 2015. 
Striping symptoms often disappear when favorable growing conditions promote plant rapid growth after the V8 stage. For more on distinguishing between the different nutrient deficiencies that give rise to striping and the plant tissue sampling procedures for diagnosis.
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