Corn Denting

Jun 17, 2015
Corn is starting to dent in Mitchell County. This field was the one I found southern rust in. The field was sprayed two Saturdays ago. The disease spread has halted and has not moved in the past week and a half as far as I can tell. Regardless the corn looks great and is starting to dent. At this point in the growth of the corn disease is less of an issue and a fungicide spray would no longer be recommended.
The corn in the picture has now reached the early part of dent stage or R5. Currently the corn is around 50% moisture and 65% dry matter. By the end of dent stage the corn will have reached 35% moisture and 100% of its dry matter. In roughly two weeks it will reach physiological maturity!
corn dent1
corn dent2
corn dent3
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