CLEANFIX® Presents Latest Engine-Cooling Technology at Farm Progress Show 2017

Aug 30, 2017
CLEANFIX® North America Ltd. will be showcasing its latest engine-cooling systems at the Farm Progress Show 2017 in Decatur, Illinois (Booth # VIT9111). CLEANFIX’s® innovative reversible fans are used in a wide range of agricultural equipment to prevent problems associated with overheating and inefficiency of the engine. Ben Haegele, CEO of CLEANFIX® North America Ltd. said, “The number one cause of engine overheating of agricultural vehicles is dirt and debris from the field clogging the radiator. Our reversible fans offer a smart cooling system that cleans while simultaneously keeping your engine up and running.”
CLEANFIX® reversible fan technology is a very effective application for agricultural machinery used on fields, farms, and in other high-dust environments. Haegele further explains: “Tractors operate in the toughest conditions: whether it’s loosening the soil, seeding, planting, or harvesting, the engine is constantly exposed to a lot of dust, dirt and other airborne debris that challenge its cooling systems. These challenges often result in an overheating of the engine, transmission, and hydraulics.” Farmers face more frequent downtime due to maintenance, repairs, higher fuel consumption, and reduced performance of the air conditioning. Especially during harvesting season, when every minute of the day counts, a farmer heavily relies on his equipment running smoothly. Unexpected downtime, extensive maintenance, and repairs can significantly slow down a farm operation and impact productivity.
CLEANFIX® reversible fans address these issues and support farmers with innovative solutions. The reversible fans feature automatic radiator cleaning and contribute to optimal cooling and extended vehicle lives in high-dust environments on the field and on the farm. A clean radiator means reduced maintenance, less downtime and increases the overall efficiency of the farm operation. What is more, the CLEANFIX® system allows for significant fuel savings. “Our fans are smart,” explains Haegele, “Not only do they reverse the airflow to powerfully clean out radiators, but their blades adjust automatically to the engine’s load state so that cooling and air flow are optimized to save fuel – which in turn saves money.”